Binary Options Signal

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Binary Options Signal


Binary options signals are recommendations from the experts, which are built like a simple rule for the purpose of being implemented by a trader for the purpose of his trading. These are kinds of professional recommendations and rules that a trader wants to follow because sometimes he does not have the required and appropriate time or the skills for conducting the analysis and finding out the financial assets on their own.

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The trader uses the binary option trading method for the purpose of letting the third party trader know about the skills and time when he cannot derive it on his own. The options of buying and selling have been pre-agreed upon usually before even the entering in to the contract. This trade and transaction is termed as binary due to the fact that this trade has got only two outcomes. The trader can either earn a lot in return if he succeeds in predicting right, and sometimes he may lose a lot in the investments. That is the reason why binary option trading signals is considered something that can yield high investments and at the same time, the investments are highly risky.

This binary options trading depends upon the performance of the underlying assets namely the commodities, futures, stocks and currencies etc. Check out optionweb for more info.



Binary options signals has been increasing and expanding since 2008, and has now become very popular with the passage of time. Before this, those who were interested in the binary options had to consult extremely skilled and professional brokers, for which they had to pay capital fees as well. But nowadays it has become extremely easy to avail the opportunity by logging in to online sites of the binary trading and let the trade procedure process in a few minutes. It is relatively very cheap, simple and profitable procedure and involves fun as well.




Signals for boosting profits:

A binary option is an easy method but one has the problem of detecting trading opportunities and making money. There are two basic tools for that: the fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

  • Fundamental analysis:

The fundamental analysis is usually the look at the long term determinants of capital structure, liquidity analysis, price-earnings ratio, growth etc.

  • Technical analysis:

The technical analysis has the idea of discovering several patterns in graph and letting us know about the various aspects and future steps regarding the price.

For the purpose of implementing these two types of analysis, a lot of experience (in terms of years) is needed. Signals are highly beneficial for the kinds of traders who do not have time to deeply analyze their business and process. In terms of professionals and experts, they can create various possible opportunities and scenarios and build recommendations, which can help the traders. These recommendations involve the list of direction, options, the expiry conditions and strike price. These much be inserted into the interface for trade. These signals come from the experts and professionals; there are higher probabilities of succeeding in the trade.

Porter Finance Review

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Binary options market is constantly growing, as well as the number of people pursuing this kind of trade. Despite being established only one year ago, Porter Finance has gained many satisfied users, according to positive comments all over the Internet. Their headquarters is in London, UK, and unlike many binary brokers, they accept traders from the USA. A disadvantage of this broker is that they still have not been licensed by CySEC; however, since they were formed relatively recently, the license is something they are certain to work on in the nearest future. And if we judge by the look of their platform, they terms, conditions and payout rates – they are most likely to get it. These are some of the main features to review in this article:

Capture1. Platform – operating on SpotOption, the platform of Porter Finance is one of the most user-friendly platforms, easy to use and rich in information about the assets and the features available to traders. It is compatible with almost any binary robot provider as well. In addition to PC platform, those who prefer trading via portable devices are able to download the app, which is available for Android and iOS.

2. Account types, deposit and withdrawal – There are four account types – Basic, Standard, Silver and Gold, with minimum payout ranging from $500 for Basic and $5000 for Gold account. Based on the account type, different bonuses for the first deposit are awarded, ranging from 25 to 85% of the payment. Methods of deposit and withdrawal are various enough – you are able to place or withdraw funds through a credit or debit card, Neteller or wire transfer, but considering the current trends, we hope that soon it will be possible to use PayPal and similar services for this purpose as well.

3. Assets, payout and return rate – there are over 100 of tradable assets, which is a sufficient number for almost any trader, even though there are platforms which offer more. They are divided into four categories, so you can trade indices, stocks, currency pairs and commodities. Payout rate ranges from 70 to 81%, return rate is from 0 to 10% and they both depend on the amount of money invested in a particular trade. Minimum trade amount is $5 for 60 second options, and $10 for all the other types of binary trading.

images4. Educational materials – the website is rich in educational materials – video lessons, e-book, economic calendar, webinars and financial glossary. However, some of the materials are available to everyone, like financial calendar and glossary, some are partially available, like video-courses, and some are available to the members only, like webinars and e-book. Even though the materials are comprehensive and well made, there are still websites who offer all these materials without the sites’ visitors having to create an account.

5. Demo account – Porter Finance demo account is excellent for those who want to meet with this particular platform, since it is identical to real trading account. It is, like with most other brokers, available upon registering and placing the initial funds.

6. Customer support – there are several ways to get the answers to your questions, and they will be answered quickly and accurately, 24/7. You can contact Customer support via e-mail, phone or live chat.

This is definitely one of the brokers who do not give false promises, but have realistic conditions and terms of use. If you find that their conditions are suitable for you, we believe that Porter Finance is worth trading with.

StockPair-Comments From Traders

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Best way to get a feel about a broker is to sift through comments trader left about them. And this is exactly what I did when I decided to check out StockPair. So you can either go through those comments by yourself, or you can sit back, sip some tea or coffee and read this article. I will avoid quoting whole comments or repeating same things again and again. I will pick different comments, good and/or bad about StockPair and present them here, so you can get a picture of StockPair.

stockpair-homepage-600One individual asked about withdrawal of 2 000 dollars, and whether any fee is taken. A trader explained that if that withdrawal was done with credit card no fee is taken. But still will take 2,5 dollars in fee, and wire transfer will have a 25 dollars fixed fee for that amount of money.

There were many traders who praised different aspects of StockPair, but I will try to avoid those comments. I just have to say that I got a good vibe from all of those positive comments about this broker.

Ray said that he traded a bit on StockPair and lost some money. After that he requested withdrawal which was finished in few days. He speculates , in his comment, that short 60 second trades, have no connection to trading, they look like bets rather than trades. Long term trades are another thing, they require skill and any trader who knows a bit about trading should choose them for their money disposition.

Nikunj remembered his first deposit in StockPair. He said that he was contacted by people from StockPair. The person gave him short introduction of StockPair and explained him where he can find additional information if he required it. He said that he was surprised by that. As he said in past he traded with different brokers and every time he registered with one of them he was contacted by a broker asking him for more money.

Amy had some issues with a trade, to be a bit more precise with a closing time in which trade went from in to out. She said she was skeptical about the broker but does not claim they scammed her because she complained and waited for an answer.

Larry deposited 400 dollars and was contacted by an employee from StockPair who told him that he would probably lose it, because it is little money and he should start with a minimum of 1 000 dollars. After few days and few trades, Larry earned a bit and lost all of the money. This is a bit fishy and should be investigated.

Amanda was frustrated with her experience with StockPair. She said that it is fourth day and counting for account verification. She is in the fourth day of waiting for a reply or contact form support. She is waiting for this because it is connected to withdrawal request she made. Well she is right to be frustrated, even though this process can last for a week. They promise two day withdrawal process and failing to do that, in this manner, is something that should be looked in.

If you want to start trading online,I suggest you to see this list of Top 10 Binary Demos to choose some of the best places for creating an account.

Is 24option Worth Your Time (Review)

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This is interesting question and can be interpreted and answered in many ways. A site can be a legit broker and still not worth your time. This means that site has some issues which can frustrate you and that can make your trading unpleasant. Some sites can have low payout percentage, broken signal providers and lack of variety in assets. All of these things can make them unworthy of your time. Then you have scam sites which are obviously not worth your time.

If you wonder whether 24Option is worth time and money you would invest in them, then my answer is yes, they are worth, but still be careful because they have minor issues that can annoy you.

daghandelarenWell first fact about 24Option will anger you only if you are US trader, because 24Option stopped accepting US traders. This is explained due to EU and CySEC involvement in regulation of 24Option broker.

Another thing that annoys me ( it might not annoy you ) is expected percentage of payout. They claim it is 87 percent ( it was 89 before regulation ), but if you know what binary trading is you will understand that 80 percent is maximum you will get. Small lies like these are things I hate.

Their support is quite normal, they don’t exceed in help offered, but they won’t ignore you either, so it is a good middle ground service from them. Good thing about their support is that you have 4 languages to choose from if talking over phone or live chat. More are added if you contact them over mail. You will be able to choose from 21 different numbers to contact the support, and all numbers are from different countries. This is a good way to cut down phone billing expenses.

There are no fees for first deposit or withdrawal. There are no fees for either of those two if you are a VIP member. All others have to pay 30 dollars in fees for every withdrawal, no matter how big it is.

Finger touches the screen and checking the stock market24Option has a variety of assets, 103 in total. They are also very open in choice of expiry data they give to the traders. 30 second trades are something new on the market and they offer it. Then you have classic 1 minute, 2 and 5 minute expiry trades. And after that you can set expiry date for every period under 24 hours ( at 5 minute difference, for example you can set an expiry date to close in exactly 21 hour and 35 minutes ). Then you have weekly and monthly expiry trades.

So apart from few negative comments, in most cases concerning frozen screen 24Option is reliable broker. So you probably guessed from this 24Option review that I am satisfied with what 24Option has to offer and how it offers it. There is that issue of frozen screen you should be aware and careful of, but I believe it will be fixed in due time. If you end up with that issue be patient and wait for the answer from support.

Banc De Binary As Signals Provider

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Banc de Binary is one of the first binary brokers that appeared of the market, and it was founded only a year after binary options trading became acknowledged as a valid method of trade. There are very few brokers that offer conditions like them, that have so many rewards and valid licenses – yet with so many negative comments from users. Despite many positive features, Banc De Binary signals is said to be very irresponsible with payouts to its users and that they do not stick to their own withdrawal policy. Because of all this, the users must be extra careful when trading with them, or even avoid them completely, but there are still some good sides of this broker that are possible to use without too much loss.

Banc-de-Binary-2This broker offers a user-friendly platform, easy to use even for those who do not have too much experience in binary trading. If you decide to open bronze account, minimum deposit you will need to place is $250, which as average for most of the brokers and it is not too much of a loss. The good thing is also that minimum trading amount is as low as $1, which means that you have at least 250 trades to execute, presuming that each one will fail. This can be observed as a good opportunity to practice and strengthen your trading skills, especially if you are new to the world of binary trading.

Banc de Binary also offers trading alerts or signals, another useful tool for beginners, but used by more skillful traders as well. However, to be able to get their signals, you will need to open Silver or Gold account, since they are not available with the Bronze one. This means that the deposit you will need to place is at least $2500 dollars, which is a large difference compared to $250 deposit on Bronze account. Trading Central is the service that provides signals free of charge for Silver and Gold users of Banc de Binary, but they are provided 1 month for Silver and 3 months for Gold users. You can therefore find some other signal providers if you prefer, and log in with Banc de Binary account,or you can for start create Banc de Binary demo account. It is important to know that not all signals providers work equally good with this broker, so it is recommended that you try out several different providers while trading with minimal amount or using a demo account, which is also available with this broker. Event analysis is also one of the features available with Banc de Binary, but again only for Silver and Gold users, which means that the initial deposit has to be rather high.

Automated binary signals and binary bots are also offered on Banc de Binary and provided by ZuluTrade. This feature can be accessed for free with any Banc de Binary account, and with these signals it is possible to copy the trades of others or use the binary bot so that the trading you do is completely automatized.

In conclusion, if you have some other option aside Banc de Binary, it is advisable to use it, whether it comes to signals or the trading itself. However, if you want to practice trading without losing too much money, Bronze account with this broker, combined with demo or minimum trading amount can be a good way to start and work out the strategy.

Most Important Elements Of Binary Options Signals

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Stock Market Graph with Bar Chart

Binary options signals are a by-product of binary options trading and it seems that this service has enormously grown in popularity in recent years, up to the fact that it is even becoming hard to imagine trading in binary options without the help of some of the best binary signals. Slowly and patiently they have taken over the market and a lot of companies are currently providing this type of service, while a lot of customers rely on these markers to show them the way through the dangerous and turbulent waters of global commerce, filled with sharp spikes of rising assets or with the murky depths of sunken stocks.

signalsAs mentioned earlier, there are a lot of signal providers out there, and customers are being bombarded with constant ads about experts who offer their advices or with banners and billboards that promise instant profit and staggering amounts of money. Of course, its all just a show, and everybody has the right to advertise himself and to invest in marketing, but the problem arises when those so called “experts” are no experts at all. There was a lot of reported cases where binary options signals have been a clear case of scam and where clients had been severely damaged and exposed to significant losses of funds.

To prevent this from happening authorities across the world have formed regulatory bodies that are in charge of making everything in order, and they are a strong guarantee when it comes to safety and security of funds and personal information. However, not all binary options signals providers operate with the necessary licenses and a great number of them just flies under the radar and can be very dangerous to potential customers.

60secondtrades1On the other hand, there is also a great number of respected and renowned broker houses or other companies who offer binary options signals through a secure, tested method and where every possibility of scam or fraudulent behavior has been excluded. These companies are the ones that made binary options signals so popular, mostly because they brought a lot of money to those customers who were subscribed to their services.

Since a proper information is crucial in this fast and exciting business, most people have to rely on the quality of those markers that they receive through SMS or mail and just basically trust them. Therefore, several elements are very important when deciding what signals provider you should choose, and those are:

  • Frequency – shows how many signals are sent in a given time frame,

  • Delivery method – shows the communication channels that are used for sending the signals,

  • Success ratio – probably the most important element, since it demonstrates the number of correct predictions,

  • Fee – shows the amount of money that is required for receiving the signals.

There are also some other (potentially) important elements of binary options signals and they are concerned with asset types, i.e. are all of the four major types supported, are the signals available for US citizens and whether the company offers some special features, bonuses and similar.

All of these elements need to be carefully inspected since they are the key element to a satisfied trader and they open the doors to big-time profit.